No One Understands

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I can't help but feel that something's offYou avoid meFor reasons that I cannot seeI feel like the third wheelWas what we had before surreal?
Please just let me go homeI can't stay hereNothing satisfiesI can't even eatThe sight of food makes me sickI just really want to leave
I stare at the dark abyss of my bedroomDaydreams flow through my headAnd I wonderA question that has bugged me for years
Why I Hurt What is this pain in my chest?I'm supposed to be better nowOver it But I guess I still hurtBecause no matter whatThings will never be the wayThey used to be
Her beauty doth shine as ‘twould make the sun Itself seem as though ‘twere but a mere coal. A match for her, there is never a one,
My first love By: Ladii Kay
Why do I write? Someone may ask, See me I write, Cause there's no one that can understand,
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