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Tonight... I'll release the pain! Tonight... I'll show you who I am! A sight... I'm afraid to let you see! A fright... A monster of a man!   I've been trying for so long to let them see,
Let's not get to specifics,  The details are written in this you just have to look, they're hidden. Thinking twice is absolutely forbidden, you just do and try to mitigate the truth.
Up out of my bed, For I know I will return,  To my love my bed.  
Lying awake while nosie in the background fills the space in my mind, putting off the feelings I've felt on the surface to bring the dark ones to light I'm scaring myself tonight  
Wake me upin the middle of the night.Knock on my doortil I turn on the light.Tell me you’ve seensomething out of a dreamin the skytonight.With a nudgeyou’ll persuade me
It rains slowly tonight. That sad kind of rain, Where sorrow fills each raindrop, With some silence, with some pain.
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