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Time is stopping as each thought is threaded from its undertone and I wonder why it has brought me here,  standing alone in a pool of surreal rain and lessons I continue to seek. 
Through the glass I look Searching for some answer Faces slanted into an opaque distortion Everywhere I gaze
A guitar, like I play, makes music with its strings. They vibrate the air around them and seemingly sing as they start to ring. Plug in a pedal, and distort the heavenly sound,
Sitting in your mind. All alone. Your refuge from the world.   But what are those? Shining brightly in the dark. The mirrors.   Gazing into them you see not 
Dismantle, mental error misapprehended Visual morphine drowning youths in reviling concatenation Aching spawn from basest nature corrupts to no end Catastrophic indulgence consumes this gluttony
Distort, lie, and amplify.   They show us the center,and hide the edges.The center is framed,by the rest,that is compressed.  
Its swirls were intriguing Salvation meant his heart was beating His taste buds protruded the gum from his mouth And lifted themselves to curve: A Perfect Sugar Point
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