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Blank faces on bodies with no control They walk by without one glance Bodies without a soul Anywhere you turn, bodies keep going by The response that you seek will only just be lies
Second face off. Dull. Quiet. You. Second face on. Alive. Social. Who?
We don't chill anymoreWe rarely talkI'm barely hereI've moved away emotionally The laughter in your presence is forcedMy love for youTainted with remorseSits upon a shelf labeled fragile
As he wandered through the torn up house And put out each last flame, He felt a rush of ecstasy In each halcyon wave.   As he went and shook his hose And ran all through the fire
Click. Spark. Light The dark. Just keep the flame from engraving its mark. The viscous amber, the salty indigo Are able enough to crawl up your arms. They can feast on your festering flesh
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