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Am I an effigy? A solid statue for you to practice attraction or affliction? Building me up with words and sweet gifts. Reasons to make me forget that the fire is coming. Filling my head with straw that I was convinced you picked just for me.
Have you ever sat there, In the ice  rain to watch  The droplets crash into the barren ground? The destruction of their perfect form, Beautiful and sad.   Have you ever sat there
click click click click click i can hear the second hand on my left hand watch it clicks with a rhythm  that makes me feel at peace click   offline
My my another life lost Behind enemy lines Did we do anything? Did we pa their price? Or just watch Watch out loved ones die? We hae lost the ones who gave it all While we did nothing
This poem may be rough because it is my first ever poem, but that doesn't make it any less valid. God's love is amazing. I am tired of people thinking Christianity is full of people who are cruel and hippocrites.
I never leave home without my watch. I must count the seconds till we meet, Constantly staring down at its face   Tick tock.  
I fight with my clockit’s faceplate staring right passed my pupils phasing through defense mechanisms resembling the thick walls of area 51my mind is the U.S. government and what I see as my mind is the U.S. population
Watch the sky, wait for me there. Sit among the independent clouds where the sun is free to reach the heavens. Look for me here.
It’s amazing how unobservant Most people are. Drifting, faces and handshakes Do they notice he remains still? Silent within and nearly un-phased You’re just a slip in his routine
(poems go here) Watch your heart, lead it to light and keep it away from dark, if you could put a shield around it, get some strong chains and bind it, watch your heart, because who else will, its not hard to do it takes no skill just pure will,wa
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