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Nine black boxes float above nine black tables, slick with rain Three beams of light crack into tables, striking in the middle Three tears are shed Three boxes fall the floor, crumbling into the twisted air
Hey, girl, Latika, girl Here's a box for you! But don't you worry, Mr. Stein, There's one for you too!   Liu from my math class, This box will do you well. And take this here, Syeeda....
Afraid that there is a greater potential  a box they give us to condition in if they do this long enough  they believe that we'll be trapped trapped in a mindset that they control No hope  No love
we are all boxeswe cannot shatterwe are not fragilebut we carry things that are fragileemoti
A box, a box is all I desire to bring with me; Not just any box, but a box full of stuff. A box filled with memories--- A box with photographs, letters, and stuffed animals.
I demand change. In these twisted, damaging days. Where women are afraid to leave for work for fear of merciless rape Where people of color  cannot receive a fair wage
I've always been placing myself in boxes
This poem is for the people who have put me in a box. They have said: “Here you may come, and no further!” I have been categorized.  
Metal box No loose ends No escape Trapped in a structured prison, everyday is the same no change no change makes him crazy his thoughts wander
Take an excursion to a place unknown to your heart
“I need a fork,” I said to Mom after they left us in our fully-empty house. “It’s packed” she replied and we laughed. How would we eat? With our fingers and feet? Giggling she asked me for a spoon,
When we walk around in boxes all we see is feet. All we hear is the distant echo of a voice we can't identify. All we feel is the bump of someone elses box against ours.
I want to be a barbie I want to be a fresh out the box Accessories not included Anatomically in correct Manufactured in the flesh Rubber in the chest Barbie Mark me made by Mattel
We put people in boxes And we say You must be THIS way. We put people in boxes Crammed in. Like contortionists. But without flexibility.
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