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I'm black, your white, there is a difference  my hair, my skin, my voice They are all different  but we are the same, we are in love your ocean blue eyes light up this world your smile is as bright as the sun
To you it might not seem a lot And to you he cannot give it thought But for every little thing you do He owes his entire world to you.
Beat to the rhythm. Tap your toes to the music. Trapped in these prisms, This tune is our rhetoric.    Who will speak for us? What is speech against singing? Words are all we trust.
I was at my very lowest when I began to assimilate, That I had become what I most despise and hate, Better never than late, no wait, better late than never, You rescued me, from all my heartless endeavors,
What is human existence?Is it to pronounce our unfathomable desires in a rush of uncertainty?
Your pissing me off because everytime you open your mouth I pray you say something stupid but instead I am met with your artistic views and original ideals and it dissapoints me that you can say something so beautiful.
This ain't black and white. This ain't right This ain't right They shout confused,  confined behind the lines. What's it gonna be, press? It's printed in black and white. But there was RED.
It’s easy to put mercy out of sight. Forget that people feel like you and I. This is the world that lives in black and white.   They say that change will not come overnight.
We live in a world where the differences between a single generatio
Trembling they rise Immersed in my grief Ferrying my troubles with them   Dancing they fall Catching the light Diving down my cheek   Eyes bleed my miseries Wrist bleeds my soul
  Friends for almost ten years 
african-american, caucasian two colors become one they say a war between the two has ended but the war between all races has only just begun.
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