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Summer ends my time at Parris Island. Marines marching and DI's scream. To welcome home our new Marines. June 13 the few, the proud, the graduation of my marine.
You'll be leaving soon Off to begin the adventure of your life.  You'll be exploring the globe. Ocean to Ocean. Mountain top to mountain top. Your book will reach to its final chapter someday.
Though distance may be an obstacle, Loving you was never hard. 18,000 miles away, 14 hours different, It won't mean a thing, When I get to see you smilin' at me.
I am the one who stands behind him, Through everything; Time change, Distance, Communication. None of it matters, None of it can measure up To my love for him.
With the bend of a finger Another man is dead With a bend of a finger He’s been shot in his head
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