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There is no revolution but The inner revolution of  The deeper revolution of The utter revolution of  The soul. And I am only free when I Can feel that I am free to truly Know that I AM FREE
The branches are empty as the birds have flown. The tree still hopes for new nests to be sewn.   The night has passed and it's time for the dawn. Yesterday is there but the shadows are gone.  
To my own demons: Internal weakness, sin of sloth, why must you chain me down so?
Dear John,   If you thought the altitude was bad in Colorado, you should feel it up here.   In one breath, I am gone. Sometimes, my mind goes with it...  
Hear the sound of the passing wind,Watch the blazing sun of yesteryear. The water rippled through the galaxy,I watch his back as he face the clouds.
The Romans would have carved into their gravestones: non fui, fui, non sum, non curo-- “I was not, I was, I am not, I don’t care.”
drink deep; breathe   peace, hidden, in chaos.   bliss, in terror   there is no limitation, anywhere, that is not self imposed  
One conundrum after another The days go spiraling away Seems each moment is a blur A thoughtless repetition I’m never truly living Never truly there   A vacant body is my possession
Maybe I'm feeling all emotional  But I feel so inspired  Life isn't about how much money you have attained  How much knowledge one has acquired  Because in the end it all doesn't matter
  She Became Aflame             Shining under starlight             Creeping among the twilight             Cuts and bruises, scar your heart
What is it that makes a person?   Where you were born?    Then I'm American. Or where your ancestors came from?    Then I'm Filipino. What you do?
There is a river running through your soul, and it’s just begging you to drown. Not die. Just abandon yourself to its ebbs and flows, crest waves of the non-lingual, plumb depths you never knew you never knew.
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