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It's been months without seeing his face, How he smiled a little too wide, His teeth sharp with appetite. It's been months without hearing his voice, How he spoke a little too quietly,
This is my testimony lord, I'm coming to you. I'm humbling myself because your light made me grew. I want your glory now, lord I'm ready. See I remember when we'd never have a promising meal to eat. Where there'd be
  Get Out of Here   Get out of here with your sensitive ass Just wait, it will all pass You speak as if your emotions are glass You jump to conclusions way too fast  
The burning The peeling The sores The toothaches The cuts The bleeding Sounds like my soul.   Loving someone for so long is taking a big bite of hot food. You burn yourself
In a moment
Soft dreams ignited these ashes settling down Once doused in a fading hope for their lives away Beyond from where limbs and lives were bound. They were lost to the world on knees of final pray
I can’t tell my teacher A whole lot of shit I think about it all day long and                I’d never say it   I can’t tell my teacher his class makes me feel safe
Recently, our tuition has hit an argument Are we sensitive or abusive? Yes.   Is what they say true? Does that honesty sting you? Bring up negative things? Or  
When I feel for the disadvantaged I write, When there is chaos everywhere and I know the solution I write, When my brethren are brutally killed I write, To share the pain, to discover a solution,
Sensitive Doesn’t give a damn Tough Isn’t afraid to cry Loyal Isn’t always there Love Isn’t always perfect
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