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How can you love someone when you don’t know what love is? A question that sat heavy on my mind for days Maybe love is something that come naturally to you 
words grip me into a choking hold as i grasp for air from your overbearing love that tighten my vocal chords   i ask for you to leave
Even though we never have enough money, I tell you we do, all because I love you, Even though I despise going to my job, I work from 3 to the dead of night, all because I love you,
Even though we never have enough money, I tell you we do, all because I love you, Even though I despise going to my job, I work from 3 to the dead of night, all because I love you,
I felt alone, I felt betrayed I didn't leave because I was afraid When I asked for a good reason to stay, He said, "Because I love you." I watched and every day I tried To forgive him, but I still cried 
Because I Love you, I think of you everyday. I care about what you say, Sometimes your words hurt. Make me feel like dirt, But I know you mean well
trust, love, hope, commitment, war.  If I died today would you really be sad? if the world broke out into a war would you really have my back? I cannot stress enough what till death do us appart really means
Because I love you... I let you break down my walls That I've kept infrangible to those I feared would hurt me 
Love is patient. It puts up with you... Even when you put mayo on your subs Or mushrooms on your pizza   Love is kind. It tells you you're beautiful...
In the beginning, I had no idea who you were  You were a mystery that I didn't know existed. Your spell on me began to grow ever more And I know I could not resist it.  
love is undefinable, complex and riddled with emotion.   love will never be an act of violence; love will never be painful, cruel, and derogatory.
Because I love you... I make bad choices. Because I love you... I am blind, but. Because I love you,  I am happy. I am no longer confused, my path is made clear. Because I love you...
Is it love when he tells me I can't wear my favorite tanktop because it shows off my cleavage? Is it love when he pins me down and says that if I loved him; I wouldn't say no.
Do you really love me?like love me love menot for what I haveor what I can do for youbutfor me the real methe me that is affectionate, considerate, sincereandable to be loved
Everyone's got dreams,      their reality untold. Everyone's got hopes,      for what the future may hold.  And for reasons unknown      we keep saying 'shoot for the stars'.
I like you, I really do;
I dont believe in love.Wait actually, I dont believe love exists.Just look at the world. People rape. People kill.We pollute. We bully.People hurt eachother.We hurt ourselves.
what is love is it just a four letter word
is                             the white-hot burning, scorching, consuming                                 fire of a thousand                                 dying suns. It is the gentle, soft, docile
What is love, But an incorrigible display of our own assholery In our protest of being alone? What is love, But the denial of a cold room Constantly beating to the sound of one heart
Love is when words cannot explain how I feel because everything is finally real. It's when communication isn't the only key for you understand me completely. It's when there's a fight,
Not feeling a thing, something has left my mind. I don't have emotion... or maybe I do and It's just rage and hate! I can't stand anybody,,, you tell me you hate me but I don't care. You can't see me so I smile at your "kind words".
Some say love is patient, love is kind. The sweet goodies you get from romantic, feelings that you can't always define. In the meantime, it feels fantastic.   Is it love or is it lust?
A silent killer A disastrous ghost we give this to those who hurt us the most A beautiful rose in the scene forgetting the thorns that are left "unseen."
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