social awkwardness

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When words are too much and thoughts - too little   My message to you may never be received - for, I -a novice in communications - have no way to encode.   No medium fits me
I am not a dishonest personfor I think not to seek a truthin the face of panicwhen an immediate thought springs forthunbiddenly welcomebut mistaken.
The first day of fourth grade- Mom always went on the first day, but today she didn't. And I'm far from okay. I don't know what to say and all I can do is pray that nobody will talk to me.
A Spanish final. An oral Spanish final. After weeks of studying, I know what I need to know. But when my name is called, all that information goes out the window. "Cuantos hermanos tienes?"
Johnny T. loves Lucy C. Her 'About Me' on Facebook has his head spinning Despite their corresponding class schedules They have never had a conversation Outside of the comfort of cyberspace
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