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                               I don’t understand                                                                                          
I like you, I adore you, You HATE me, You don't even know me you make me like you even more You're doing something to my heart,breaking but it's beating. I like you I would change for you.
UNTITLED YOUNGLION I'm sick of writing poems about depression sadness and anxiety Im sick of being told that whatever I'm facing is just a part of life. While the pain is now a part of me
"FALL" IN LOVE YOUNGLION People don't fall in love for love They fall for
I held a pen in my hand With a book on my desk So many unspoken words filed my hand And an unexplainable neither bearable pain kept hitting my chest
I wish I could tickle the clock Say the magic words to take me back When I'm still innocent and clueless of being in love
The stars looked down on me As the heat of the air kissed my cheeks Your eyes apprised a dreary story They were clear, they were deep - those beautiful black discs I felt a sweat roll down my chests
it is strange. we are strange. how can we be so completed by each other but then suddenly feel nothing.   we turned into strangers. i wonder and wonder where did our love go?  
You often find yourself in a trance Because, you did not treat her right She really is tired of your mess Night after night She has drowned in sorrow Tears have fallen from her face
    A broken boy, a battered girl Soil from which the fern uncurl. From two lives, were seeped in pain Somehow we found our hearts again. A world of darkness, two specks of light
Oh! Fork, you are so silver and strong. You help me eat my salad. This is why I write a ballad.   Oh! Fork with no distinct handle. Picked up ham, cucumber and leaf Cheese and Onion and beef  
I sit in a cold lake.  "Why are you sitting in a cold lake?" They ask. "That's the only way my heart will continue to beat." I don't get sick. I never get sick.  I bathe in cold lakes. 
Close your eyes, And listen to the sound of your heart
I'm on the airport and they put on Thor 2.  And as I looked up and watched it,  I thought so much of you.  I look to the right and instead of you I see my mother.  And I remember your smile so perfectly. 
Something about our  inevitable parting  Has made you more irresistible  Has made our  embraces tighter and longer   Has made this  more heartbreaking 
You could feel the pain In his spoken words Every word hurt more than the one before He got so close to tears Ready to disappear  
shove it into a corner and push it away the voice that eerily chimes his name Squeeze your eyes shut and leap away- you can't face another day run through a corridor- frozen in time
Cause if I sit here and think of the fact that you used me, confused me, I’d lose me. But screw that I don’t think I act, matter of fact I’ll leave so quick you won’t feel no impact.
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