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Death is a gospel's truth That can't be denied but grief too accompanies it Easily said , it is Someone left you but to accept You'll never meet again breaks you shatters you shudders you
He chose to leave, never bothering to explain why. He chose to avoid me, I'm never going to understand why. What did I do to deserve such treatment? I miss my dad, but does he miss me, too?
What if you left me today? Would today still be as good as yesterday when you were with me?   What if you weren’t with me yesterday? Would I still feel as lonely as I do today?  
I find myself dreamin’ Not of silver and gold My heart longs For yooouu I miss you
you say you have never been out of the country but my dear you really have you say you have never crossed the border into any new lands but you have been all around the world my dear to places far and near
Couldn't see, couldn't hear, darkness was everywhere Why did you leave? I needed you More now than ever I'm so lost without the two of you Remember when you would call me boo?
The sun was unforgiving and I wouldn't soon be forgetting That lack luster look to his face when he talked about the human race We're all dead he said
You say that you miss me Well show it!
waiting in the sideines for someone to come along doesnt have to be anyone just dont let me be alone cant wait any longer for something thats not meant to be please come for me somebody
You never had to hit my grandmom You probably thought your shouts were unheard So you smacked her until your hand throbbed You never gave her love or concern So know, we're better without you.  
Everywhere I turn there are hundreds             Of dazzling smiles So, so many are surrounding me             In a radius of miles But not me, no. I do not smile             Because I am no one
People get tagged with these labels, Straight, Bisexual, Lesbian, or Homosexual. I just want people to accept me. I play ball, I dress different, I'm not girly,
 you say you feel alone i told you im here you confide in me yes, but who says i dnt need you? your my friend my love there are things you do for me that you dont understand  
We all face our own demons We all battle it through Why is mine still here? Oh No... Is this mine My premium punishment This is why i can’t move on Why my hurt
You know it's been so long since your depart,It hurts so much to know that you're not here,And I need you here with me to keep me from falling apart,But you're not here and it feels as though I am about to disappear,
I have realized And this is quite true That every second without you I feel so blue And every breath I take Feels like a waste When I'm not using it on you
If only you knew how much you mean to me, How much I still care. If only you knew that your smile makes my day complete, And your hugs leave me comforted.
Decisions. Confusion. Mixed emotions. I’m spinning out of control. Why does this surprise me? I knew this was coming all along, And yet, I’m losing it. My breaking point, Way past due.
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