the future of World

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The whole world is screaming Everyone has an answer and none of them are correct It’s a mass of conflicting ideals of religion and politics and argumentative tones
“If the world was my classroom, what would I teach a girl?” I would teach her to always be herself, No matter what the world says, “If the world was my classroom, what would I teach a girl?”
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On the outside, I may look normal, Just like all the rest. But inside, I am hurting, My heart tearing in two, From the voices in my mind, That tell me what to do. I can’t escape their orders,
Running through the striped tunnel, its a long way. You can't stop running, that's your life goin on. But you'll stop, just this once Turn around. the walls have photos, frames of your life, glimpses of your past.
To be at the top, you dont have to be hot. You may be hot, but what not? A lack of knowledge Knowledge is Power.
A mother's journey is the journey of life of nature or nurture of happiness and of sadness.
I feel like, every black teen wanna be the next big hooper And if they don't make it, they feel like they've been Kama Sutra'd Some play overseas for a backup plan
Do we ever take the time to consider? How, someway, we ended up in this place The greater part of the world is bitter, While we seem to stand still at our own pace. We went through our lives believing in this
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