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  I lost my life to a familiar face, He went by the name, Past. He shot me down with bitter memories. He poisoned me with lies.
I know how to smile I know how to lie I know how to hide I know how to act I know to fake pride   But there are too many things I keep hidden Another side you won't see
The essence of Afro Normality Afro-puffs and Kool-Aid sittin' on The front pouch Neither rich nor poor
Normalicy is nothing more,
I went to sleep and I had this dream Bright lights and a brand new car They told me to go where I saw the yellow beam
Though you may not think of me as your family, I will always think of you as mine. Though you may never think of me as your loving little sister, I will always think of you as my older sister.
Baby sister! Who I love you, and inevitably abore. You give me the strength, to go out and explore, To face challenges that are harder for the adverage man, So here we go, Heres the plan,
Inadvertently deserted a right to be without knowing.
Walking down the aisle of a store. She is pushing the cart. And receives crude looks. Stares that make people think they’re better. They aren’t.
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