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Somebody may have already uttered
We Adapt together We Exceed expectations together We Accomplish our goals together   Friends are people you trust
when aRe you gonna quit band when are you going move on should i have stayed in calc should i have listened tO my old man
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I know you've hated me and I've hated you. I know I've upsetted you and you've upsetted me. yet, here we are. I start to laugh whenever they ask me: How're you guys still friends?
Today I met a friend Someone Strong and funny and out going Someone small and frial. Someone faint of heart   I met someone knowledgeable  but that wasn't my friend
There's a ring in the air A whoosh of the wind breeze taking you away from your computer's' ting ting and a reminder bell in my brain clanking "finish me Serafina" finish before you fail
Whats a brother? not not a man composed of the same flesh and blood But a man who'll stand right next to you and get the job done He'll be there for the ups and down He'll be there for you whether you smile of frown
Fireworks shot Not because we had just won the game But because I had got a call to meet somewhere at exactly 11:59 PM Right then and there I had to make the choice of a lifetime
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Almighty! Almighty! Grant us each others love Grant us Unity Almighty! Almighty! We are you, you are we One commUNITY Almighty! Make me an instrument Of your will
somehow you've changed everything, with this simple letter. You've brought me down from highs and cured me from my deepest lows. One day I will tell you my whole story and you will accept me into your arms,
what is a brother  a brother is somebody who cares about you Somebody who talks about you
                                   Walking Closely in Brotherhood                                               By: Alesiya Walker    Only God can create peaceful unity,
The essence of your light is of a dying breed In a world full of fake facades and grotesque greed You made passion, care, and joy supersede
You are a liar You told me later but later never came
It’s up to us to make it workbut how can weif death holds sway?And yet I still say:no, waitone minute now, shut your eyessee it therein your mind’s eyeshining from afar
A young man dressed in grey Consumed in a subtle pain Walks along a path Woven, built, and made of frayed webbed thread, A conduit for hidden despairs. As if some vengeful deity
I stand alone and remember all that has happened here, The creation of bonds, the passage to manhood, The increase in strength both mental and physical, The sewing of brotherhood, and the molding of devotion.
Mankind had lost its heart Ideas and pride split them apart Brothers and Sisters had lost their connections As they blindly stride to two different directions The siblings assault each other's mind
Faces dark and faces light, Hues so varied shining bright. Different colors God did paint, Beauty marked on every face. He decreed that all should love, Welcome, embrace, never shove,
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