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College can be fun But, paying for it is not. While everyone else is enjoying the warm sun, I am out trying to find and recreate antiques to put in our antique store to sell, it’s a long shot.
Education is my love, to embark on a journey of truth revealed Understanding the facts and using those facts in life to change the world
Education is power. Education is succses. Education is key. Education is expensive. Education is cold. Education is a murderer. 
Usually I write to a rhythm or a beat any time I need to speak on a problem that I meet. But one thing in particular, I think is apt to change, is how colleges will do anything to catch some change.
When I become a lawyer, I will make my contributionsTo the field of law and society by giving a free consultation. Things happen in life that people can’t always control.So I know you'll need someone to console.
We know you have years experience. We know you went through college too. We know you have the power to teach us however you want. To fail us, to pass us. You fail to give us information, to help us study
You think the world revolves around you, as most college professors do.  Really? Hell, I have a lot more things on my mind than your class. Tutoring. Eating. Working. Surviving.
Why'd I pay 10 K   for You to read me the slides Life's not a Scantron
The system is brokenAnd it'll be forever before I'm softspokenI'm broke again, what the fuck is this?Since when is education reserved for the rich?
  Birth a lottery, potential of life. First glance, our ruler, now starting this strife. Building foundation, brightest epoch, earth schemes, First lessons roaring, rise above our drowned screams. Obey.
I've been told about college and all that is great But why so expensive still up to this date? I'm discouraged by tuitions that'll follow my grave I'm a good person and I even have a razor to shave
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