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  When I think poverty, here's what I see, Beaten down faces and thousands of frowns Shutdown dreams in the land of the free
Mommy always said
I killed him I killed the man in my dreams the man who looked me in the eyes the man who stole my self-esteem  
Plastic models fake the semblance of the girls they’ll never be. Dressed immaculately in lurid laces, lush and lively their faces melt under fluorescent lights.   Doll’s faces, big deal.
A time bomb of innocence     Beginning from the first pain. 30 minutes of the time, molested away.                            "Dont tell, Dont tell," the sinner would say.
She watches the world Not saying a word Playing silently with her doll When her parent's heads are turned She cuts her doll apart "No one is this perfect"
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