Black is beautiful

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The color of my skin determines where I will go in life It determines what i will becomeIt determines how much respect I receive It determines how I'm looked upon 
It's like a shadow. Falling beside me, but not on me. Or in me. "You're not mixed?" They ask with a questioning smile on their face.
I want my seat, I want to own my pride I seek to lay claim to what should be mine Come, let me show you how I’ve been robbed How I’ve been pushed aside as you take flight
PRELUDE: Black Out Poem (Warm Up) A kiss He was waiting for. He wanted more of a girl Who was warm and generous with her praise.  
She's a god among many With her swift toungue Her independent success Give you the vibe she was stung Her low self esteem Fueled by her curly serpents Assimalation causes her to perm
  Hello from the other side. A darker side of life where you are the last brown crayon to be picked in the box.
She is the darkness She is the core of all that is That darkness covers her like a cloak of beauty Deep and rich, like a serendibite skin  
Black... Of all colors, it's the jack of all trades Black is now a color, a person, or long shiny blade A blade that cuts deep, showing that young girls despair Black is a color that distinguishes her hair
Instagram is a holy grail
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