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Yeah, well, no one's ever accused me of being an optimist.   Besides, my face hurts when I've smiled too much.   The world still seems mostly grey. 
He who has not sipped of the wine from a glass, half-empty....shall never know the taste, of true experience! By: Tonya Carroll
I was born with many words, Better words than I can say; Every time, before I catch them, Those word-birds fly away.   This might be for the best; If one nested in my mind,
The only thing we can do is wonder We could be as wrong as ever But still holding on to the feeble endeavor that the Philosophy is valid that our life has meaning
In which there is a debate between an optimist and a pessimist. If you don't know what either means, don't be embarrassed. An optimist always thinks that the world is full of hope.
Patient #: Mr./Mrs. Wants-To-Recover ID #:  02012544...No longer wishes to suffer Diagnosis: Part of me torn asunder due to one silly little blunder   Physical Therapist: Nathan D. Optimist
For one job could change my life, For one job may have another kids college paid for, just for looking nice, For one job may make my money right, For one job could land me closer to my future wife. 
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