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Heleena and Anxiety Take on 2016!                                                     December 31st, 2015. Time goes fast, almost too fast. A new year a new me.
Glittery makeup, Skimpy uniforms,
7pm on a Friday night, the breeze blowing through my skirt.
Being a cheerleader comes with assumptions People assume you are half-witted  People assume you are easy People assume you are the stereoype   Yet there is a saying 
Beautiful, lovely, top of the social class.She has all these friends who hold her up and love to watch her fall on her ass.In every pyramid she’s on top,Make sure you don’t eat or else you’ll pop.
I dream someday i will be a professional cheerleader i know that i am a good cheerleader i care alot about cheerleading i face a lot of hard things i see a god cheerleader in me
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