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Life swings in oscillating intentions  With inking hearts and linking receptors  Where life has met hell and heaven of emotions 
I never intended to melt To fill the mold I was instructed to fill I never intended to fade To break away pieces of myself To squeeze between the cracks To suck the moisture from the pavement
Your true enemies are not flesh and blood. They are not the people you don’t like.  Your enemies are not those people who mistreat you or the people who slander you. 
The difference between a hug and a homicide is intentions. Like handshakes and broken wrists or fist bumps and fist fights. If the right intentions are there anything can happen.
I rewind & rewind. Again, it proves fruitless.
I stare into a shrinking candle’s flickering flame on my dusty, wax stained rug, on empty, still, Friday nights.
Time passes us by we all forget to see, the world as it was intended when we first breathed. So innocent and pure our eyes were in that first light, Has transitioned to the hate and societal wars between people
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