blackout poetry

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Fifty days, Of siege, Horror, Longing, Uncertainty, Wakefulness, Abyss, Anguish, Betrayal, Tears, Hurt, Torment, Do not be duped, There are festivities,
the medieval knights can attain  the highest sainthood  carrying out duties  as  scullions or kings
The timeless inspiration lives of beautiful ordinary  women
Blessed Blessed treasure your heart One ray of hope on the horizon to comfort me in the midst of overwhelming sorrow. Every moment of life is a conscious effort  to Live
Action is relative  to the  indiviudal path upon which we ourselves believe to be  the one supreme act. 
The systems still fucked It's gonna change The truth hits hard We can't be silent I can't be silent.
Who is this? Who is this person that smiles for me when I'm blue? Who is this person who says, "I'm fine" when I am falling into death's pit?
hope even so.
I will yet be so quietly forgotten.
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