Doctor Who inspired

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There is a Tardis in my closet. Yes, outside may look normal. A small and normal door on a blank and normal wall. Nothing out of the ordinary, but open the door and walk right in.
I wonder where you are Amongst the bright shining contrasting stars Against the black abyss of the night Into the open space that always gave me a fright
Through the fast racing light When light and time intertwined And the line of space and time made jungle vines Out of stardust
  How do I kiss a memory? With lips that rose up when you smile With cheeks that once were stretched by your hands With hands that grasps yours, in a yearning style?
Roses are red, Rivers are blue, If only I had time To say "I love you", Before you had left  And I don't think that you ever knew,  How much I truly loved you.
Adventure seekers, The perfect pair, Planets to see.   Converse sneakers, Wild hair, Allons-y!
The Docter is hope He saves more people than you can ever count His TARDIS is forever on the brake His Wife died (River Song) His Lover died (Rose Tyler) All his companions will leave him
Life is like any good book or movie Any good story for that matter. Everyone wants to know the ending, but no sane person will just skip to the end because it won't mean anything.
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