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1. You must not paint a good picture of a bad situation. 2. You must not change who you are to please anybody. 3. You must not compare your abilities with those of others.
Impress...Impress... Show them what you're made of Impress... Impress... Show them you're more than average. Thats the way I feel, When I write a poem or story, When I sing a song,
Everyone says that college is all about drinking. That college  is all about sex.  They say college  is the time to party, 
Why is everyone looking at me? Why is everyone judging? They don't get it. They will get it.  Confedence is how I move foward.  Stick my head high never down.  Walk like a boss, never like a dum. 
We buy things we don't need, With money we don't have, To impress people we don't like. But what if the world were blind? Would you still buy the things you don't need, With the money you don't have?
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