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To Those Who Think They Know, Everybody has secrets,So does The GirlTo Those Who Think They Know, but really don’t,The Girl holds her secrets within the cage that is her chestThey don’t see themBecause they only skim its gilded surface, blind to t
"I'm okay." "I'm fine." The biggest lies that I tell myself. I may seem like I have it all together On the outside. My glorious façade. But on the inside I'm desprately grasping
The world is my dying oyster. And I am the sand That failed to become a pearl. My mind is filled with darkness That traps me Envelops me Crushes me. My mind races with how many times
I hope for greatness. Though often times I tend to get lost. Lost in the world: the tumultuous Culture, the movies and TV Shows, the drama and lack thereof. The thoughts of others and how
A shunt of sound shook through the trees My engine roared, shattering the sharp, dead cold. I knew where I was headed, But I didn't know why.   I took off down the snow-covered trail,
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