depression mental illness

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Heed this call forevermore To avoid this sordid gore That arises from this deadly sin Apathy - it always finds a way to win  
Like a worker ant carrying a hundred times more than its weight I carried the load for them all. Due to my strength they kept piling on more and more of their baggage   until I lost my head and
So much depends upon the proper playground pick-me-ups And picking perennial playground buttercups
Once upon a time I killed an innocent girl  I am a murderer    That girl who smiled at everyone,  the girl who laughed at the most silly things,  a girl who enjoyed the smallest things in life,
And behold! Truth will slap your face repeatedly forever Your life is a list of absolute truths Whether you deny them or not Behold! realization is a cold hard pressed emptiness
You said you despised me  I was the wind that always blew your candles out Tummy large like the circle of people I've disappointed Chin sagged from the erosion of my sobs  I was the creature under your bed
My phone is on silent. It’s quiet. My mind yes is frightened. Deny it. A ring would deliver, The rousing sharp quiver. Of body and mind; Therefore, I just hide.  
she's got the whole universe running through her veins and sometimes she chooses to let it out, she lets oceans and stars run out of her arms. tears fill my eyes and I wish I could help.
As day turns into night,I start to lose my might,And even though I try,That doesn't mean I like to lie. I'll always still fall,And I'll never stand tall.These words may hurt,As if I fell in the dirt.
1. There are peacock feathers in the kitchen and the mirror’s broken in the bathroom.   A cold hand brushes my shoulder as I walk by the open door.  
They told me I couldnt, but I did. They told me I shouldnt, but I did. They told me would never, but I did.   He told me not to lie, but I did. He told me not to try, but I did.
7/24/13 Tick tock its 2 AM tick tock been too long awake
6/07/13 I must confess That I'm so happy I must confess Its all a lie I Must confess That I'm a wreck I must confess
I do believe the walls move in this place
I could not avoid Depression. He is a constant sore. I've struggled to avoid him so, Yet his grasp tightens more.
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