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You are the ones,  Who defend.    You are the ones,  Who protect.    Be honored,  Young or old.    No matter what war,  For you, we respect.   
A  journey with possibilities as endless as the waters of the sea.  W e are all sailors, and  E ver since birth, each of us have set S ail on this boundless voyage, this beautiful exploration. 
When you see a word, scrawled on a line. Does it ground your thoughts, Like on anchor Deep in the sea? Does your mind roil, Like a storm that grew up, All alone, Abandoned by its parents?
I watch her shimmer and dance from the shoreline While the sunset adorns her in gold she’s calling so sweetly, my Aquamarine For our friendship is many years old
I can still hear his voice, lost over the rush of the waves. When really It was a fan, stirring up the sticky heat that sat as still as I did.
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