life goals

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I walked up the stairs since I knew that’s where you would be And found you sitting there in front of the TV I interrupted your video game for the hundredth time
When plans go awry, we feel lost All we can think about is the cost
Adventure is out there! I first heard you say  So I followed your voice -   and found you on your field day.      What are you doing, you ask, you wonder?   As I gaze on your motivations,  
A year ago, a student fancied reaching a goal That lies beyond many stepping stones in the way He worked with determination to meet the first stone But his gait betrayed a sway His determination was admirable 
To your voice My heart flutters Your Love is unconditional To me you reach out My breath you take away With you, My life has purpose Falling into a neverending spiral Dizzy In love
Dark eyes, dark hair; The spitting image of Dad. Grandpa jokingly says, "Maybe you'll grow out of it." Just maybe. But I'll always be a daddy's girl.   Pick a spot Pick an experiment
Desk, chair, paper, pencil, desk.Scratching on a clipboard what makes you
Seconds flow loosely, water on clenched fists We smile and speak loud, eyes betraying our wits Shadows hunt life, and life takes its toll Everyone scrambles for thier ultimate goal.  
One place One mind One me At one time. No try Just do At this I call My one school. I've found a place that makes the break. It cuts the cake. Only one place.
Your future never stops. Therefore your list of goals should never end. Senior year, most think the journey is over. When its actually just about to begin.
We’re waiting for Armageddon We don’t make an effort anymore To see lives wasting away People of great potential Lost in doubt of a future Who think they know “the way”
I woke up early on my born day 17 Pristine in many ways Trying to keep the same i Melee I may lay on my bed thinking of ways Cream comes and make haste To Praise God for 365 days
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