a violent world

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Its a big white world in which we must add color ourselves however the only color I have is crimson the color of humanity for I am as human as they get   The world will never be colorful 
As children we are taught monsters aren't real  But if they don't exist explain the fear I feel  When I walk down the hallway or sit in the park  I'm not afriad of the monsters in the dark 
Sometimes I'll look out a window and think about how much of my life I'm wasting. Just sitting here, watching the sun rise and set, set and rise. Like  Bread that I can't eat. It's too hot, but oh so  Tempting.
"Forgive, but do not forget," is a saying as old as time. Ordinary as it may be, it is a powerful message; one that has been forgotten over the years by so many.
Why has the world screwed itself up so badly? Seriously Individual expression has basically been spat on Wasted on And shoved into a blender People are turning on one another
Brace yourself Welcome help Armor up Enough’s enough Hope for the best Prepare for the worst Those are the words You used to calm me Down by the river Build a bridge
Every day, there’s enormous bloodshed, Terrorists chopping off heads in the Middle East, Thugs throwing acid in girls schools in Africa, Drugs, kidnap, and murder in South America,
Do you see me for who I am Or for who you want me to be Do you see the world as hell Or a deeper sense of heaven Do you see yourself as a tomato waiting to be cut Or do you see all of the people that you love
Upon the rising sun, prone to an inescapable curse  Standing amongst many, who bore this malicious fate  Upon thy first breath, came the wicked intentions of many   Ill and suffering, from what is known as destiny  
Drenched upon the battle fieldUnder silver weapons wieldMisdirection her only shieldThe wildest of roses grew
Why does every planet have a moon? Why can't these words lift up out this tune. Why are there police shooting, innocent kids, like politics are crictal? But this rhymes I'm spitting are lyrical. Guess it's the sign of the days.
MVP Verse:   a major general was killed, 15 soldiers were badly wounded in Afghanistan they risk their lives salvaging our freedom and how does america thanked them
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