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Flowers in white, pink, and purple Bewitched my eyes, so gloomful. I hate to see your demise. Farewell to this lonely face.  
Rain I hate it The smell of mildew left behind Little droplets pounding down The puddles soaking my shoes It's like a barrier Holding me back But like everything It eventually goes away
Saturn I should have known better, To think, I could ever my saturnine flood.   The clouds that thunder for my return to their dim weather,   NEVER NEVER With thunderous blows,
My mind will play  But I was never afraid Of the man that has oppressed what I had to express  Now we just play the blame game  The ones who want change just stare and stay the same
“Can we be friends?” he asked. “Sure.” She lied. (I just wanted more…) “Are you okay?” he asked. “I’m fine.” She lied. (I’m dying on the inside…) “I’m always here for you.” He said.
How can they assumeThat trapped beneath unyielding gloomThat there’s a safely padded roomIn which my Psyche lay.  
Darkness engulfs,clouded by despair.Surrounding the peacefulness,eroding it from within.Discontent follows,maddened by grief.Unpleasantly distraught,lacking true desire.
Alas; woe to my eyes--    Let them not see.   The object of my affection   Cares not of me.  
Golden days are full of bloom But inside petals is dark of gloom. Beneath waxy leaves are hidden shadow
Sitting alone Knowing what I have done
Mad at myself For letting it end Countless months, hours, and days Spent with my thoughts in a never ending haze
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