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I'm always delayed, Heard, most common word to say. Only leaves you betrayed, In the end.   Sorry.   Selfishly regaining your trust, Only once and that's enough,
I wanna float on Lighter fluid, I want to watch the fire dance around me, I want to be lighter fluid, Cause the mess I'm in is heavy.   Life doesn't slow down, Won't slow down for anyone.
Am I artistic?Do I fit the description?Am I sufficient?Do you fux with it?This style I'm developingDo I have talent?Why am I asking?Rhetorical questioningThe third time around
*/ /*-->*/
When i was about 6 or 7, i fully believed i was a part of my own "truman" show. 
People day by day tell me how blessed I am and how I don't see it
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