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BBW Belated Birthday Wishes goes out to Temi Otedola, Femi Otedola's daughter. "CHOSEN AND HEAVENLY ELECTED"
My feelings are like puffs of helium being pumped into my body, filling me up like a balloon.  No escape. If they don't come out soon the balloon will pop. The only way out is the way they came in. Through my mind.
You said I am like that feeling you get from letting go of a balloon, and watching it drift until it’s color vanishes. At first, it crushed me that you compared me
Shining faces, skinny bodies, never any frown,   No arms or legs to hold itself down;   Floating by, far away, filled up   To bring our home a poisoned cup.
1 You are lying in bed with your fingers over your heart (like you are dead but blinking in and out like the fireflies outside the window) and you are listening to your mother calling.
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