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Equal we are in the shadows.Wearing our dark façades until we fade into the black.Light shining on us, we are the sameAll dark people griping to whatever we can
I awoke with a fright in the middle of the night. The light was gone; the light I saw with my eye that was missing it’s sight.
haze reaping situations unknown  pain sustained, come hither blood lite soul with your scythe demise those demolished on eyes of hills with which witches clammor  And syntaxes replace strange
A poet, so determined, to write his first line, He wanted to make it his own; he would call it “Mine.” His intentions were incomplex; The pen would do the talking, Scribbling what was next,
Nights transformed to months; the rain to floods. A brooding storm, bleak and somber. The darkness of night heaving its overwhelming presence, echoes eminating from hollow walls. As still as the stars,
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