life purpose

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The winds of change have blown They enveloped my restless heart They gently whispered in my ears "It's time for a brand new start."   Reluctantly, I tried to listen But in my comfort zone, I stayed
My mind races with my dreams.What it is I seek is somethingWorth more than a nine to five,Worth more than a park to drive, Worth more than a pay check in my hands,For I will find my satisfaction.
Cancer. The word itself is a cancer, Igniting fear and disgust when discussed. It is a thief, Stealing happiness, hair, hope. Cancer stole Dad. But this thief defied itself. It gave.
Every birthday momma gave me a puzzle Oh how I’d love to match up the pieces The picture on the box forever a life saver Completed each on with such ease Imagine countless pieces
Here I am
Its Round 3 I'm out of breath, I can't keep going in circles, My Heart is crying, begging for mercy. All this amounts to, is pain, Love has disappeared, I see its only a one-way street.
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