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Creative Spirit, Honest steps a hundred miles, Stolen beauty filed, Thieves by night, morning in exiled. A Thousand hearts, in love, anew.
In the midst of Spring,Avenues are blossoming,Its a story of Within Warmth gentle capture,A Photo of wonder by air,A season's Splendor takes allure.
A World of Silence, Music a Quiet Cadence, A Light, so Bright, Shines, Our Hearts a symphony entwines, Melodies in Life's Balance.
Trapped in others' dreams, life's inevitable loop. But break the cycle, failure teaches us to grow. It is your own life story.
Hello, rainforest In wet season I write you While the clouds pour rain And by the terrain, I sit I am glad it's very warm
It's rumbling below One blastoff from volcano Hot things, land, above So hot to cook a chicken Or burn everything in path
On the frozen snow Of the land at the world's top In the northern pole. A person's exposed face froze When visiting Santa Claus
Blood Tanka     How wise is your blood? Insight seeks human access. Blood truth, spilled tea leaves,
Iram, Lost Iram Lost, alone, and wandered scars Scrutinizing time Thunders rise and soon take flight Tinted skies with essence sighs  
Do not say too much. Do not make seconds hours. A chirp is plenty. Every plum is enough. All you need is expansion.
It's getting darker. A tornado tears through lands, But I feel so bad. The impact is colossal. I wonder if it's my fault.
Laughter permeates The freezing yet playful air As the snow descends And the moon begins to shine I am finally at peace
Look outside and see A willow tree dancing free, A butterfly flying high Look outside and see
On the sunny slope Goro the cat is waiting And watching, keen-eyed At the newly soft spring ground For the fresh mice newly born.   In truth, how can I Bring this kind of commitment
Crickets outside, late.Full moon and clear sky showingthe bright stars above. I curiously took upa pen and paper-- my friends.
Ferocious waves come only to form reshape and leave the shore abaft. They sizzle down on the beach, and leave fond memories behind. #a_tankapoem
Don't talk of demons, they taunt me and they mock me, they are everywhere. Demons of wealth and envy. above all, of love and desire.
Graze of your lips raze feelings - beautiful feelings, that you bring to me. a nibble here a caress there, and you kindle feelings in me.
How can a single word Rach up healthcare bills, wage war And tie a noose? A Handful of letters leading To a mouthful of pills and A heart-full of pain.  
Present perfect tenseOcean of ancient futuresWind of change mind rearrangeElegant emergencyReturning with gifts
She was a willow bending, a tearful beauty rooted and serene   He was the lightning,                                                            much too bright for his own good strong and destructive
One left, my heart died As it broke my trust on love One came, my heart lived My heart learned to love again Gently piled my trust once more   The heart can be taught,
Lets change the U.S Clean up this corruptive fest Save the future stress Let that generation rest While we clean up our own mess           
A man making songs, Too much money, unreal fame, On cloud nine he stands, Depression seeps slow but firm, A dreamless king, making dreams.
At my boiling point Trying to ignore bullies.  Bullies find pleasure. But then i find displeasure But they don't show resentment.
poems undress me the words show my skin to all-- dripping from my heart until everyone sees my veins bleeding through syllables.
Friday evening Tornadoes forming by home Losing precious lives Hearts reach out among the land Unity is powerful
The one percent or the ninety-nine percent – just mathematics? I gaze at In God we Trust on this single dollar bill.
The face of the cliff, grim, unapologetic, laughs at the faces of both the master and beast, portending monstrous outcomes.
Twilight enchanted Luring me toward itself Trembles in the midnight sky As crescent burns bright Your charms draws me closer to…
Once I told this boy I loved him and meant it. But then he looked at me in such a way, I don't believe even Love could ever describe it.
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