not enough

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I think ive fallen off my rocker  my thoughts echo so loud i might go bonkers  its in my mind this monstrus thing  sending shivers down my spine daring me to try again   
Loving you was everything I thought it would be And so much more than I could have imagined Loving you was canceling plans to spend time with you
You Say That You Love Me, I Know You Don’t   Heartbreak, Cold chills run down my spine, as I quiver and shake. Tears leak from my eyes as petals fall from flowers. Heartbreak,
Why not say hi or give a smile, to show them how you've felt for some while? Is it fear of rebuff, or that you're not enough? But what if that wasn't the case? That's not how they see your beautiful face.
It's funny  How I convinced myself  That you weren't  Replacing me  Just making new friends  But my worst fears  Became true  Because of you I became another girl 
Fast food every night might sound ideal to a kid but it left her often hungry for more. She'd rummage through half-empty cupboards, the kithen walls sticky with cigarette tar,
im not enough for you i dont have a butt i dont have boobs i dont have a skinny waist  i dont eat enough food i dont put enough effort in my looks im not smart enough and i dont read a lot of books
Brother: Sister was i never enough? to keep you smiling  when things got tough? Mother:Father was i never enough? no not good enough. to feel you love
Take a deep breath, You know it’s not enough, Listen to those voices All in your head. Tell them to stop Before they stop you. Take a step forward, You know it’s not enough,
my life is a flurry of inhale and exhale just trying to breathe just trying to breathe
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