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He made butter fly And turned dragons to flies!
Don’t give up and never give in Keep fighting the fight and someday you’ll win So don’t give up and never give in I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again   This world will not greet you
I should have known the minute they started treating me different Well, now I'm all grown and I'm getting thrown out of my ass Forced to be all on my own, stuck with nowhere to call home
God I am frustratedNothing is as it shouldWonderful thoughts of flightBroken calls of worry
What Can I (Watch the video) [Verse 1:] So, they ask me what’s poetry. What can I do but tell you what this poet thinks?
Reality is whatever my words make it.   A long forgotten shack in the middle of a blizzard,
 Poetry is food for the mind At our youngest ages We yearn for attention We long for satisfaction And hope for fulfillment
Curtains are drawn at night, To shield our fragile minds From obscurities Mute outside.   Half are opaque, Half are translucent. Variety feeds the filters
I tie the
What is it that you see when you see me?
to speak but cannot form the words that would fulfill my thoughts desire. to gain freedom but scared to face the breakout of war against another. yes, yes this is how you and i must feel, this is how you and i try to explain,
I have trouble keeping my imaginary body together, Free from the safe house of epidermal covering and rippling plasma I used to be enamored, in love with the entity that led me to my self-destruction
A cool wind blows past my shoulder I turn to you and you look back to me Flecks of sunlight fall through the cracks left by the trees and lay gently on your face I smile as you reach your hand to my cheek
Uplifting? You want to hear about Something uplifting? That's something That's supposed to Make you feel good, make You dietarily regular, make you Want to eat yogurt and dance on
Donuts I don't mind if my studies whirl me through space and time, Time, the dime that pays for our studies, our crimes, The buddies, the lines, defined in our minds,
This beautiful music - The key to my "Someday" That is what I told myself, And it was true This beautiful music got me here This beautiful music got me through A childhood of pain 
A new school year. A new beginning!
I feel like you look for messages engraved in the cliche i don't like it but it seems to work. this is straight forward. i miss my metaphors tired and hungry I can't help but wonder
A day recedes,     I'll chase down one more nightA lamed and hobbling Spring     tries to outrun the tideof all the misspent monthsand all this wasted time
Trying to connect with my past
People are trying to be the next big thing, trying to out do the each other like we are in a race, conforming to what we think the world wants,
  I woke up today with tears in my eyes. Walked down the hall, Mom asked what was wrong; I couldn't lie.. Mom held me close and whispered in my ear Words that still ring, loud and clear:  
I'm crying in my crib and I reach to feel your warmth that radiates the most when I need it. Mom Come pick me up.
When the lights are searching my pockets of darknessThose words that frantically chime in your earThey are still alive, they knew me wellI told them, you were a whisper
  You are the moon and I am the sea, Your constant changing faces, Are always changing me, When you show your full face,
I looked at her I took a good long, long look at her At moments she was as pretty as the multi-colored sunset, waving goodbye as it faded it into the ocean
I'd give a day to hear the sweet warm voices that speak to me To soothe my sorrows and fulfill my dreams for eternity I rue the day they stop speaking to me For I need them to fulfill my destiny
People are animals. We, once domesticated creatures, now are on a destructive regressive path. We are ending our own world. We are cracking our mother's heart with the pollution of our industries.
“No. No. No. We are not like the other cells We are sophisticated and superior, living in houses and hotels No drinking via osmosis, but pull water from wells And we are called to worship God by the church bells”
As the days go by, Since you left. All I have done is nothing to delay, Everything seems to just walk away. Even in the coldest hour or season, I hear you call out to me.
I feel lost Like a tree in a city 10 feet from my closest friend But only able to say she’s pretty And I can see the people walking by
In a depression recession tribulation Me & her hurting for money And we kissing through It Watching money watch online She said do you think We will survive I say baby it's up to god
Stink like a bear stuck on a tree trunk Baby you smell like a nasty payment Wishing you had soap you couldn't buy Old bread in your Ice box Ted in your knee trunks Girl your boyfriend got a stinky job
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