A Dedication to Dance

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When I dance, Time becomes non existent,   I'm home   It's my destiny  
Dancing to remember Dancing to forget, Dancing to become something, Dancing to pretend, Dancing to stay active, Dancing to learn more,
Dancing through life. Always on the look for the one with the steps to match mine. I thought I had found her. We met, and nothing was the same. She taught me new moves in the rain and it was beautiful.
I walked into the unfamiliar building nervous to begin my dreams. Wearing a tutu and pink ballet slippers, I enter the room with a wall of reflections. Faces I’ve never seen before turn and stare at me.
This body, a burdencrooked spine, flat arches,pain for bones too youngto bear such wear.But then, music.
Happiness... Was one thing I never felt, And never could find, Until I fell for a dancer. Each step he took; flawless Every movement; perfect.
We all get up, on the days, the music plays in our earsWe have no, where to go, the music keeps us flowThere's a morning, ba ba; Where we live, ba ba
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