changing the world

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A cloud of Turmoil Stress can just soil Positive Hopes Left Unsurfaced All the Dark Weather is  Just of Satan's Teather To Pull you in the  Sand that quicks the Despair of life that Creaks
Dreams seem hopeless When you have doubt. When you think there's no way out. So please, hear me out. This is what I would do.   Changing the world, It's like polishing a pearl.
I sit alone in a dim lit room, With a candle and thoughts in my head, I can change but one thing in the world,
If I could change any thing on the world
what woud i change you ask? well, a lot of things.    i would change how my alarm clock blares at 6 am i would change my nagging mother i would change the amount of stress i'm under
The blood of what fills "Art" Sustains me, Controls me, And tames me for another day in this world Another day to survive the lies, the heartache, the pain The blood filled with the history of a world
If I could change the world I would make the world see
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