One Job Will Change My Life

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I am young, my future is cloudy. I am young, the elders doubt me. All around, expectations surround me. They tell me I won't succeed, but I refuse to drown.   I am young, I search for a path.
Everyone has a dream job. One may dream big, and one may dream small, but everyone has a dream.
One job could change my life, in factOne job could change one moreIf only to find my place in thatTo find a purpose forOne job to overcome the fearTo overcome the angist
every person is their own
words with meaning  educate for reasoning 
I've found that when I create something with my hands, and eyes, and thoughts I am connecting
  Living a lifestyle defined as privileged, Yet that is not always the truth. Buried beneath a blurred glass, a passion lies premature. Unturned, yet not unnoticed.
Although I may act as an adult today, I wish to work where I may forever be a child. And they told me that I may wish and that a star may grant it true, but I know it’ll take more than a dream
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