Alzheimer's Disease

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Is my son here? No. Is my son here? No. Is my son here? No. Where is he then? He is at work. Every day, I take part in a cruel joke
Thank you But for what? I have succeeded in nothing but failure. I couldn’t stop her mood from changing, Or the kids from calling,
The Years We Spent,  The Time We Had, Forget Me Not, I Know You're Sad.  Faces And Places
The slip is slow at first, It may just be the occasional speaking mishap. Then it's how your name always seems to slip the mind. Until your only confirmation of recognition
I see him forget me And all his loved ones I see him forget Yesterday, last week, last year   I feel the pain When he can't remember my name To know that His memories are disappearing
Darling when we met; the stars smiled at us. Meeting you has been a treat my darling. Loving you darling became effortless. Our love grew as if a flower blooming.   Time moved faster as we passed our prime.
I sit here while you begin to forget the names You have a heart full of love, it's not about the fame
There was a lady named Pauline – The sweetest woman I have seen. Her mind left her, yet still a queen, A light fading from age obscene.   Her husband left only two years prior.
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