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I am from farmers and teachers From too much to drink and the pain that comes from it I am from many snowmobilies Heart racing, As we fly down trail after trail, My father and I.  
You lay for hours on end Waiting, waiting, in the prison that is your bed   Your legs, weak from disuse, no longer bend You are a tiny skeleton, the breathing dead  
My heart sings for God One day I'll leave this world, so Say you'll sing for me
The sun rises, I wake up, the dread sets in. The voices swirl, I push them down deeper, deeper, til they are just a wind blowing back my hair that everyone tells me is so beautiful.
Women in my family dream of gentleman tender and loving but fall for brutes whose vice like demeanor asphyxiates our self respect   Who else will love us? We demand
Parents become the children Act out, slam doors Say stupid stuff to each other Dad moves   Family disintegrates Custody battle Financial hardship Fighting over who gets the TV
Do you still care Since I know you don't believe You could say "there's no angel Watching over me" But that's where you're wrong I know your faith may have died But I'm still your angel
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