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You want me to pledge allegiance to the flag..A flag what’s patriotism should have disguised to meThat it was bred to
I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.   This first line always makes me queasy. It doesn't sound
I don't recognize my own reflection anymore. That sad, broken girl in the mirror can't be me, can it? How did this happen?  How do I fix this? That's it. No more selfies.  No more selfies will I post,
I pledge allegianceto the mediaof the United States of Americaand to the partyfor which it speaksan entire nationunder the influenceuninformedwith propaganda and deception for all.
I pledge that I will not come back to this country if this country will not come back to me. This nation, The United States of America, as segregated as it is, I still call it home.
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