grim reaper

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The city was empty and so was my mind The sky was gray and no clouds in sight Judging by the drink in my hand, the clouds were in my mind. I listened to the sounds of traffic
The Grim Reaper is cold  And heartless they say, But I despise taking souls. Each life I take, I feel as if I decay.   The innocents who die 
Do you ever think of how often you escape death’s clutches, and you don’t even notice?
Wielding his trustedScythe, he storms through this moonless night, saddled uponHis pale skinned stallion, asH spreads death, throughout these lands  
Grin Of Grim   I like to think of Death as a clever old fool,  A hooded man who has seen it all.
Those who think of Death As a man with a scythe Will meet him like that At the end of their life But those who see him As a friend Will be greeted as such When they meet their end
Where'd you go?
I miss the sound of your voice I miss your smiling face You're so far away But soon my darling we will be together Soon I will feel your loving embrace Soon I will feel your passionate kiss
You've captured her, she's free no more. You've vanquished her, she lives no more. She's already dead but you dance on her grave like a maniac hungry for any drop of profit you may rape from her body.
Death  near my grave, Fear in my mind,
Love was in the air. You and him were the only people breathing. The world stopped for the of two of you. For your adventure seemed so endless.
Falling into pieces She lies there on the ground Not knowing where her life has gone She only wears a frown Death stands beside her to take her soul away She begs for one more chance only one more day
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