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The owner and his Shoes  One pair, two pairs, three pairs. Whose shoe is that ? I think I know.
There was once a moment        Where I was blinded by city lights, trampled by tall towers,    stepped on by city streetwalkers,       And all of it seemed so small in comparison. 
6:00pm on a Wednesday, the soft rain has left a vapor in the air that settles on your skin like sweat. The sky fills with clouds and sun to spread a yellow hue across the atmosphere like looking through aviator glasses.
I learned a long time ago  That the night only brings fear  As i walk through the city of New York  It seems to be that i am the only shadow that is creeping 
Why do you make me see the world the way I do? Why can't I see it the way I did before all the bad news? Why are you showing me the pain from people around me? Why do people find comfort in you when I can't?
He talk and talks and talks He will not stop moving his mouth All I want to do is go for a walk He insisted on going, I insisted he left But deep down inside my inner layer, I love him.
My mind is afloat with many ideas, Thoughts are ignited inside the eye of things which cannot be erased. Can this path of life lead to the place that I can call home,
Run When you crawl, Remember not to scrape your knees When you walk, Remember not to trip When you run, Remember not to choke
Everyday Ι walk over similar roads,   And in every way the same memories replay.  As my feet bring me to the places, my mind brings me to other times.     Back then, and today 
The road so long and winding, The rocks beneath my feet watching, I kick a rock, I watch it roll; then it stops, And then I keep on walking.  
    Habitually I continue my trek in and around my environment. This movement is basic and we call it muscle memory. But the memories reside in my mind. I never forget the time I have wasted waiting for my left leg to pass my right leg.
Walking in summer is swimming, legs cutting strokes through mid-afternoon heat and humidity. Dappled shade on the sidewalk
I am the one with the disability and yet you are the one who really cannot see The world is larger than you and I Can you not see why minds must diversify?  
Love is not a choice. It is like falling asleep Or floating gently And landing in someone’s heart. But love is also an action. It is like learning to walk: You start by crawling
To walk in the cool mid-morning air, is to walk in mist hung like fairs, to walk in silence, lost in philosopher's thought, on sticky ground, through clinging v
I am a mere pedestrian Doomed to live a momentary existence Leaving your cerebrum as soon as the light turns
He'll glance, Every chance he gets. A peep from the corner of his eye,  a slight sweep over the dusty library books. But no smile.   A flat unresponsive mouth.  
A man's heavy march, strong and sure A woman's nimble tread, light as air A child's bouncing traipse, innocent and free And an old man's hobble, weighed down by time The shuffle of an early morning
and without notice she was gone… gone never to look back at what once was a burden. gone from all pain, hurt, and sorrow, gone knowing that there was a brighter tomorrow.   Head held high, she is confident.
My feet take me wherever I go, my feet take me far. I have Deep Deep pains, large bruises, and scars. So wherever I go, I know my feet will take me, Job of dreams, smiles and glee.
Lace up running shoes, Hit the trail; Lost in thought, Discover yourself
Tiny steps at first, Lost, Unsure, You never know where you're going until you've already gotten there.   One step, Two, You see the world in bright colors. Running, Laughing. 
When I run, I am free, my chains are broken. My shoes are like the13th Amendment; I am no longer a slave to society. When I run, no one can own me, the road becomes my empowerment. Strength, Struggle, Satisfaction.
Exercise is good for you, Blood, sweat, and tears, will get you through the deepest blue and fit throughout the years, you may not like it at the start but then you get addicted,
Sometimes I just walk I walk with no destination in mind Away from the flock There are no signs I just walk
Walking side by side with that guy Trees and grass not lively green Signs way up high in the sky It blistered in my dream
Apples, chicken, peanut butter too, all these foods are good for you turkey, water, anything green, nourish your body, its a mean machine running, walking, lifting weights, ooo
As my parents strived for a better life they walked a far distance, The United States wasn’t as close as it seemed, They walked and walked with the beam of light They knew that one day it would be right,
I'm not walking because I'm going somewhere I'm walking forwards I'm not walking to show them what I can do I'm walking to show them what I won't do I have peace within my soul Each step I take
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