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There are farmers of many kinds and types A teacher that implants the seed of knowledge In the impressionable minds of his students Helping to grow them into fine human beings
I.   Dear Tesfaye, I wish you didn’t have to grow up like this. I wish there was more I could do to help. You are only four, still too young to fully understand. Poverty
From the sugar canes in the plantation that our ancestors slaved away in the sun for days on end to the cattle roaming around the grass fields.
They say college education is worth every dollar When I get straight A's i make my parents holler  I live on a farm and I was born the country way  I have wanted to be a vet from the very first day 
Farming has always been my life, I grow feasts, down to every crumb. Day after day, here lays my strife: People don't know where their food comes from!   If uneducated, agriculture is missed,
Everything is frozen this morning, but the sky is clear An orange creamsicle sunrise through the mist Ice cream colors reminding me of the popsicles our fruits have become
Remind me   Tell me what I am Tell me what you think I should be I want to hear it Remind me   Just ‘cause I’m female I just shouldn’t be here On this land
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