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How beautiful you are, my lover! Oh how beautiful! I rejoice and delight, my lover; I celebrate your love more than wine and gold of great wealth.
Spreading in the air Like a toxic drug Dripping with intensity Soaking in the tub Lathered with bubbles Popping one by one Drifting softly in the air Wandering without a care
Integrity I don’t have the gift of flying. It would be a lot more fun though. Instead I possess the art of dying. The ability to stand and take honesty’s blow Is a bittersweet trait I’ve come to know.
I feel the cold yet hot bead of sweat rolling down my temple I quickly wipe it away a  second later I do the same thing I can feel the dampness on the back of my neck
Feet pounding the earth Salty sweat drips in my eyes Not too much longer.
i put my cap down as i arrive temperture prospered beyond 85   its summer looking for a job   dam  not having one made my momma cry  time showing the change my mind  blaze with rage 
It happened in August. 294, it read. I blink, my eyes needing to focus. The numbers don’t budge. My heart drops easily into my stomach.   I feel sick. The scale says something
The nervous sensation running down my skin, the only thing I feel is the desire to win. The wraps in my gloves are sweaty, my shoulders and arms feel heavy. I threw my last punches with all my power,
Before I get an "E", let me explain something please, I'm a very busy child and time always runs past me. I know you've alerted us, but with myself I never discuss,
My pulse began to race Like a horse out of the gate Then my muscles began to clench Like a wrench on a nail
As the sun goes down our journey starts and our feet begin to wander For hours and hours we hike, and over countless trails we ponder The journey is long and its not easy, its nothing but sweat and blood for miles
I run for me, and not for you. It's time to improve myself, and be the person I want to be. I lift because it makes me stronger, and gives me power. Every muscle cramp fuels me to go harder.
My body aches. I sweat. My muscles hurt. I sweat. Exersice causes me to sweat I sweat out my pains, and my fears I sweat, to feel.
I woke up restless, from a fright Dreamt a dream, a horror night Standing near the foot of my bed An empty soul, smiling and dead   An empty cry and shallow please Yet this ghost won't set me free
You cannot touch, only feel You cannot smell, only see You cannot run, You cannot move It is all around you There is nowhere to run There is nowhere to hide Your hair stands on end
Fitness is more than a way to shed fat and pounds It is more than being healthy and active It is more than trying to extend your life and live it healthily What is fitness to me? Fitness is a life style
Words swirl inside my head like pillars of light, I grasp onto the strands and wait: I wait for them to makes sense, Incoherent buzzes of truth are all I have.
Bent over sweating, breathing with intention, fluid running down your face, desire pumping through your veins. only looking forward, but not further than tomorrow, exhaustion is on its way,
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