dealing with eating disorders

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Kneeling in the shower, hands pressed tightly to her ribs.  Who is this frightened child?  Does she even exist?  She took a step back from the world, no one knows she’s alive.  Now she’s grasping at her life, just trying to survive.
I lie here with him, with her. He is holding me like I am his all and I lie here stiff as a board. She stole my heart, a heart that was once his, a heart that was once warm with love and passion.
I don't have a healthy relationship with food. I know I don't. Sometimes I don't eat. Sometimes I eat too much. But either way, I hate myself for it.
you are more than the dust in the wind, greater than the tears on your face, braver than the lingering fear in your heart, more beautiful than the sigh inside your soul. you are more, beloved,
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